Bank Rules Changed The Rules Of These Two Banks Are Changing From Tomorrow See What Are Those Rules

Bank Rules Changed: The rules of these two banks are changing from tomorrow, see what are those rules

Bank Rules Changed: The rules of these two banks are changing from tomorrow, see what are those rules: Axis Bank and Punjab National Bank have started some new rules from April. The rule is on maintaining a minimum balance. Axis Bank and Punjab National Bank have updated some of the minimum balance rules. There has been a change in the minimum balance keeping limit and the free monthly transaction limit has also been limited. This change will be implemented from 1st April. Such a change will be done by every single bank, but the first step has been taken by Axis Bank and Punjab National Bank.

What is the change in the rules of the bank (Bank Rules Changed)

Axis Bank and Punjab National Bank are going to issue some changes regarding minimum balance and free transactions. This can have a direct impact on the pockets of the customers. The customers of both these banks need to be aware of these things while transacting with their account. In such a situation, you can also get information about this from the bank.

What are the rules for Punjab National Bank customers?

Punjab National Bank is also issuing changes in its rules in April. Positive pay system will be implemented by the bank from April 4. This means verification will be required for bank check payments after April 4. If there is no verification under this new rule, your check will be returned to you or cancelled.

What are the rules for Axis Bank customers?

The limit for maintaining the minimum balance in the savings account for Axis Bank customers is being increased from April 1. Now the minimum amount to be kept in Axis Bank is 12 thousand, earlier this amount was 10 thousand rupees. 2 thousand has been increased by Rs. According to the official website of the bank, the limit for free cash transactions has also been changed to four free transactions i.e. Rs 1.5 lakh.

Now checks of more than 10 lakhs, different rules will be applicable

According to the official website of Punjab National Bank, after the implementation of the Positive Pay System, if the customer deposits a check of Rs 10 lakh or more, then its confirmation will come on the PPS. The depositor of the check will be asked to know about his bank account number, check number, date, amount and in whose name the check is issued. If the information does not match, the payment by check will be withheld.

Nowadays this rule has been implemented by the bank in view of the increasing fraud. The bank has also issued a toll free number to facilitate the customers. Where you can get all the information by calling. Punjab National Bank customers can inquire by calling 1800-103-2222 or 1800-180-2222.

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