How Do I Apply For a FairMoney loan ?

How Do I Apply For A Fairmoney Loan

How do I apply for a FairMoney loan : You can get a loan urgently for an amount of Rs 50,000 from FairMoney Loan App using your Aadhar. This loan is approved by RBI which gives loan from home without any income proof on the basis of your eligibility.

Here, you will get any kind of loan without any guarantee and 100% digital.

If you have an Aadhar and PAN card then you can take an urgent personal loan from Rs 750 to 50,000 initially. Let’s know the complete information about the FairMoney loan app which helps you instantly when needed.

You have to keep in mind that this is just information and not any kind of publicity. You are completely free to apply for the loan at your own discretion but remember to not make any payment before the loan.

What is a Fairmoney Loan App?

Fairmoney Loan App is a digital lending platform that you can use with the help of your Smartphone. Fairmoney Loan App gives you a short term loan up to Rs 50,000 whenever you need money by just doing your KYC.

Fairmoney app is an institution based in Bangalore, Karnataka, India, which gives loans in India as well as Nigeria. Here, with the help of your Aadhar and PAN card, you can get an instant loan. Initially this Fairmoney loan is less in amount which starts from 750 rupees but as you keep paying your old loan on time, you can get more loan than before.

The thing to note is that here you get an unsecured loan which is more than the bank. You also get to see the loan from Fairmoney Loan App at an annual interest of up to 33%. Making the payments on time gives you a good cibil score for this loan app and your loan limit increases gradually.

Benefits of FairMoney Loan App

  • You can take a personal loan from Rs 750 to 50,000 using this loan app.
  • Here the time period of 3 months to 12 months is also available for the repayment of the loan.
  • Loan from FairMoney is available in just 2 hours.
  • RBI Approved NBFC register loan app.
  • Loan can be taken from anywhere in India.
  • Without guarantee, without security and without any income proof you can take a loan immediately.
  • 100% Digital Loan Approval.
  • You can take a loan from the phone in a few minutes sitting at home.
  • You can take a loan for any requirement.
  • If you are in any job profession, you can get a loan easily with this loan app.
  • Paying on time increases your loan amount and also your credit history.
  • Loan without guarantee is available here but the interest is higher than that of the bank. Also, you give access to your phone data while installing Fairmoney Loan App because of which all the data of your phone can be viewed through this loan app at any time and can also be used for loan recovery, so take loan only if it is very much needed.

Eligibility for FairMoney Loan App

  • You must be an Indian Citizen.
  • Should have a source of income.
  • Aadhar linked mobile number is a must.
  • Internet banking is also required along with the savings account.
  • Credit score should be fine.
  • Age should be from 12 to 55.

Documents required for FairMoney Loan App

  • PAN card.
  • Aadhar Card
  • Bank Statement (Optional)
  • Recent Photo

Interest & Processing fee of Fairmoney Loan App

  • Processing fee – may have to pay from 2% to 5%.
  • Interest – 33% interest will have to be paid annually, which can be less depending on your eligibility.
  • Late payment fee – Due to delay in payment of loan EMI, you will have to pay late payment fee.
  • GST – You have to pay 18% GST on top of all charges.

You are taking a loan through a loan app so you may also have to pay an app handling fee.

Example of Fairmoney Loan

  • If you get a Rs.5,000 loan from fairmoney app, you may have to pay an annual interest of up to 24% initially, which will be Rs 200.
  • Time for payment will be initially 61 days.
  • You will get 4705 rupees of loan in your account.
  • Processing fee will be Rs 45.
  • Total payment to be made is Rs 5200.
  • You have to pay Rs 2600 every month for the next 2 months.
  • In this way, the total cost of a Rs 5000 loan from your FairMoney app will be Rs 450.

This is just an example, depending on your eligibility the loan may cost more and less.

How to apply for loan with Fairmoney Loan App?

  • Install Fairmoney Loan App on your Smartphone from the play store.
  • Register with a mobile number.
  • Fill the basic information for both personal and job related.
  • Upload Aadhar and PAN Card for KYC.
  • In no time, if you are eligible then you will get a loan offer from Fairmoney.
  • You can take that loan by e-signing through Aadhar OTP.
  • You have many options online for payment through which you can make payment.

Fairmoney Loan App Customer Care

  1. Phone No – 01 7001276 / 01 8885577
  2. eMail – [email protected]
  3. Address – Gopala Krishna Complex 45/3, Residency Road, Mahatma Gandhi Rd, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560025.

Review of FairMoney Loan App

In this way, using Fairmoney Loan App you can easily take a loan of up to Rs 50,000 in case of urgent need with the help of your phone sitting at home.

Keep in mind that you have to pay more interest here, so use this loan app only when it is very much needed. You are completely free to choose the best loan service for yourself.

Hope you liked this information and it will help you if needed, please share it with your friends too – Thank you very much for your valuable time – Have a nice day.

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