New Business Ideas: A business where by investing only 5 thousand, you will earn good money every month.

Kulhad Making Business

New Business Ideas: If you are thinking of starting your own business, then today we will tell you about a great business idea. This is a business in which you need to invest very little money and you can earn well. Let us tell you that this business is related to making Kulhad. Nowadays many people are earning good money from this business. You must have often had kulhad tea at the railway station, bus stop or tea shop. Everyone likes to drink tea in Kulhad. In such a situation, the demand of Kulhad is very high in the market. Now you too start the business of making kulhad. There is a demand for it in every season. Today in this article we will tell you in detail about Kulhad Making Businessman.

Very little money is required to start this business. For this you have to invest only 5 thousand rupees. You just need a little space.

Kulhad is in high demand hence it sells at a good price. One gets up to 50 paise per kulhad. If you make lassi kulhad, then its cost is 100 kulhad for 150 rupees. As far as the price is concerned, the value is good.

Kulhads are in high demand during the wedding season. Seeing the demand, the price also increases. In this way you can make good profit. It is good to use Kulhad so people are showing more interest in it and it is also good for our health.

The Government of India has also started the potter empowerment scheme, in which Kulhad has been promoted. Under this scheme, electric chalk is being given to poor potters. It is easy to make pottery at home with the help of electric chalk. Many poor potters have benefited from this scheme.

If you start the business of making kulhad regularly and properly, then you can easily get a profit of more than 1 thousand rupees daily. Many people in India have been earning thousands of rupees a month through this business. You too start the business of making kulhad and earn good profits.

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