Start investing in SBI Savings Fund now, return more than 37% after 5 years

Sbi Saving Fund

SBI Savings Fund: When we think of investing, the question that comes to mind is how to get maximum returns. Many people think of investing in mutual funds. In mutual funds also you can get good returns in a short period of time, but mutual funds are full of risk. There are many types of mutual funds in the market. Where good returns are being given in short period. However, before investing anywhere, one should review them thoroughly. If you are also thinking of investing somewhere. So today we will tell you where to invest. We will talk about some such mutual funds.

A mutual fund that gives more than 37% return in 5 years. The name of such fund is SBI Savings Fund Direct Plan Growth.

This mutual fund was introduced in 2004

State Bank Savings Fund (SBI Savings Fund) is a debt money market fund. It was launched by the bank in the market in 2004. The asset under management of this fund is up to 24756.98 crores. By 30 March 2022, its NAV had become Rs 35.5508. Investing in this fund is very profitable.

How much return can I get

State Bank Savings Fund has been rated 3 and 4 by rating agencies CRISIL and Value Research respectively. Minimum investment of Rs 500 is required in this plan. There is no lock in period of any kind. Those who want good returns as quickly as possible and can take a small amount of risk can absolutely invest in this fund.

Investing in State Bank Savings Fund will give this much return

SBI Savings Fund gives 3.99% return in one year. Turns to 9.88% in two years, while giving only 4.82% return on yearly basis. The returns come up to 18.35% in three years and 37.05% in five years. If we talk about SIP, the returns are 2.16% in one year, 4.37% in 2 years, 7.61% in 3 years and up to 15.85% in 5 years. In such a situation, investing in SBI Savings Fund is a very profitable deal.

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