Top 7 Best Instant Loan App In India [2022]

Top 7 Best Instant Loan App In India

Top 7 Best Instant Loan App In India [2022] : In case, you are in need of an urgent loan of up to Rs 2 Lakhs without income proof, without salary slip, with low interest rate then you can learn about the 7 best instant loan apps in India.

By the way, there are many loan apps that give you a loan sitting at home with the help of your phone but today we will know about some Best Instant Loan apps in India, which will help you in a short time without any guarantee, income proof and less credit history. Also, gives loans of more than 2 Lakhs and above. But keep in mind that we are taking an unsecured loan here, whose interest is to be paid more than the bank which can be up to 36% per annum.

Here I am just giving you information, this is not any kind of promotion. Whenever you install any loan app in your phone, you have to give permission for your phone’s camera, contact, location and even file with which the data of your entire phone can be accessed at any time.However, according to these loan apps, all these permissions are taken to give you better service.

Here are some features of these Best Instant Loan Apps in India.

  • Loan will be available without income proof, without salary slip and without any guarantee.
  • Loans from Rs 750 to 2 lakh will be available here.
  • 3 to 24 months is also available for payment.
  • Loan will be credited to your account in the next 60 seconds after approval.
  • Different digital options are also available for loan payment.
  • Whether you are in any job, female or male, all can use these loan apps.
  • Loan can be taken from anywhere in India.
  • You can take a loan for any requirement.
  • All NBFC Register is RBI Approved loan app.
  • Your credit history (CIBIL) gradually increases with timely payment, which makes it easy for you to get a loan anywhere.
  • No Paperwork 100% Digital Loan Process.
  • No need to wait in a long queue for a loan.
  • Get instant loan approval.

I would suggest not to use too many loan apps at once because sometimes CIBIL can be bad if your EMI is not paid on time so, use any loan app only if it is very much needed. Before taking a loan, you must also use your intelligence.

Best Instant Loan App in India

If you ever need money suddenly then instead of getting upset, you can use this Best Instant Loan app in India which gives you instant loan sitting at home in a very short time.

Yes, it must be kept in mind that initially with the help of these loan apps, you will be able to take a small amount of loan which will start from Rs 1000 and if you keep paying on time, you can get a maximum loan of up to Rs 2 Lakhs. Also, keep in mind to use these loan apps wisely because you will have to pay more interest here.

Branch Loan App (Branch International)

You can use Branch Loan App for applying loans ranging from Rs 750 to Rs 50,000. It gives a loan from your phone sitting at home only on your KYC documents- Aadhar and PAN card. I have been using this loan app for the last 2 years and whenever I need money it is credited to my account in a few minutes easily.

Here you get 6 months for repayment, which will be at least 62 days. If you want you can pay your loan after 30 days at low interest. Due to this Instant Loan app being a registered institution, your credit history will increase slowly.

Cashbean Loan App

You can also use Cashbean to take home loans from the phone immediately. It is a different matter that before 2021 this loan app had no good reviews due to the app recovering its 7 and 14 days loan very wrongly. The loan app was boycotted and because of this you now get the minimum repayment time of at least 62 days.

To use this loan app you will only need an Aadhar and PAN card just by doing KYC. You will be able to take a loan from Rs 2000 to Rs 50,000 easily. Cashbean loan app is an NBFC registered loan app so now according to me you don’t have to fear.

I myself used this loan app continuously and now you do not get calls for payment of loan EMI, yes a reminder can come twice on the last date.

Kreditbee Loan App

If you need money suddenly, you can also use Kreditbee loan app. According to me there is no harm in placing this loan app first in the Best Instant Loan app in India.

Kreditbee gives you instant personal loan, consumer loan as well as credit line limit. This loan app gives loans up to Rs 2 Lakhs from 2016 in India only on Aadhar and PAN card from the phone sitting at home.

If you ever need money in the next few minutes, then you can use the Kreditbee Loan app which also gives you 15 months to repay. The interest rate is also up to 25%.

I myself also take Urgent Cash Loan easily by using Kreditbee in case of sudden need of money. Your credit score also increases by making payment on time.

Paytm Personal Loan

All of you must be using Paytm, you can take a personal loan up to Rs 2 Lakhs using Paytm, which you will get easily with the help of only your Aadhar and PAN card. Paytm also gives you 24 months time for repayment.

If you have done Paytm full KYC and do your transaction with the help of Paytm app, then Paytm itself offers you instant personal loan and for this your Cibil should be at least 750 or above.

After approval of a personal loan, your amount gets credited in your account immediately in the next few hours, whose interest is up to 30% annually on top of your credit history.

Smartcoin Loan App

It is also necessary to take the name of Smartcoin in the Best Instant Loan app in India list because perhaps this loan app was the first to start giving instant cash loans, sitting at home from the phone without any physical activity.

You can avail a loan of up to Rs 1 lakh at 35% interest for 12 months using the Smartcoin loan app, for which all you need is your Aadhar and PAN card.

If you ever need money all of a sudden, you can install Smartcoin on your phone and take a loan in a few minutes.

This loan app is an NBFC approved by RBI, so on making timely payment your CIBIL also increases gradually. If you have to take a loan in future, you will get it easily.

Lazypay Loan App

I have been using the Lazypay loan app for 3 years. I have never had any complaints with this loan app. Lazypay gives you a loan from Rs 1000 to 1 lakh which is credit line loan in addition to personal loan.

You get this loan without any income proof or salary slip sitting at home on your Aadhar and PAN card. Initially here you get a credit line loan which you cannot send to your account but whatever amount you want to pay online or in the local market, you can do it easily with the help of this loan app by scanning the UPI QR Code or through UPI ID. As well as 15 days interest is not payable on your Lazypay Bill. If the bill amount is more then you can convert it into EMI on some interest.

Simpl Pay Later

If you shop online you can also use Simpl pay later. Here, you get a credit line loan up to Rs 50,000 for which you will not have to pay any interest for 15 days.

You can take a Simpl pay later loan from your PAN card and Aadhar card. With this loan app you can do all your bill payments, recharges, as well as pay more than 100 merchants like Zomato, Swiggy, Netmeds etc. You also get lots of cashbacks and offers on a regular basis.

In this list of Best Instant Loan apps in India, it is necessary according to me to have Simpl Pay Later.

Reviews about Best Instant Loan App in India

So, these were the Best Instant Loan apps in India which can be used by anyone only with the help of Aadhar and PAN card, I use all these loan apps myself when I need a loan.

According to me, if we pay the loan on time, then we will not face any kind of problem. If the payment is delayed, then the credit history will be bad also, interest and penalty will have to be paid separately.

Please share this information with your friends too and thank you very much for your valuable time – Have a nice day.

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